Our Partners

As a non-profit, all volunteer force, every dollar we raise goes into restoring and maintaining these historical aircraft for our future generations. These organizations have generously helped us achieve that singular mission. 


The Mountain Air Group

Rebecca Brown of the Mountain Air Group volunteers not just her time but also her treasure to help us "keep 'em flyin!" Visit her website to learn more about the great work she does for her clients during her day job.


The Art of Alaska

The generous and talented artists John Hume and Bob Thompson who make up Art of Alaska have donated their precious time and amazing artistic talent to help us design our beautiful artwork and posters.


Battle Dawgs

In their own words: "Our goal is to use "Camp Battle Dawgs", our Alaska-based lodge, and our outpost camps to help our nation's warriors reintegrate back into everyday life. Currently, 20% of our veterans suffer from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). That's about 600,000 combat veterans in need of our help. As you can see, that is a huge number. Please help us, help them, take the first step!"


Chaz Aero

Chaz Aero is bringing airplane maintenance in Alaska into the 21st century with a brand new state of the art hangar at Merrill Field.


Alaskan Airmen Association

The Airmen's Association is the voice of general aviation in Alaska.