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Annual Pearl Harbor Dinner December 9th

  • 2400 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99501 USA (map)

Col Hunt Memorial CAF Alaska Wing Pearl Harbor O-Club Party

$50 per ticket or $90 for two
-Dinner provided by Hula Hands
-Local beer and wine complimentary
(See below for link to purchase tickets)

Come join us to celebrate like the officers at the O-Club the night before the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor - the night before the world changed forever - thus marking the beginning of the Second World War and the imminent invasion of Alaska. 

Lets gather to support the @CAF_Alaska living history mission as we seek to honor our veterans and educate our future generations through the maintenance, upkeep, and preservation of these 70 year old flying machines. As an all volunteer organization, we maintain and fly these amazing historical aircraft through the generous donations of our friends and neighbors. 

In a world where we sometimes forget what peacetime feels like, lets party like its December 6th, 1941 at the Wings of Freedom Hangar turned Hickam Officer's Club for a night of dancing, fun, and fundraising. This vintage Hawaiian themed event will not be exclusively for entertainment – we will also be heavily focused on our educational mission by highlighting the historical significance of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent Aleutian Campaign with a presentation by UAA Professor Katie Ringsmuth. 

As 2017 also marks the 75th anniversary of the invasion of the United States of America and the Aleutian Island Campaign, the Col Hunt Memorial CAF Alaska Wing is making it our primary mission for 2017 to support the commemoration of the brave Americans, Canadians, and Alaskans who fought to repel foreign invaders from sovereign American soil. Let us not forget their sacrifices of our countrymen, allies, and Alaskans from 75 years ago to today.

We are especially proud to also accept the generous donation of a beautiful L-2M aircraft from our namesake and benefactor Col Mike Hunt this year. A significant portion of our program will be devoted to thanking him for his generous support of this organization and his dedication to sharing the history of the Greatest Generation through his historical aircraft. Without him, we wouldn’t be here today. 

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